Traeger Grill

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Frank called Traeger Grills to find out why our smoker grill went out a couple of times while we were smoking our turkey.  Their customer service is excellent.  They explained to Frank that the three temperature control we have now checks the temperature every minute.  The digital control (which is an optional add-on) checks every two seconds.  Guess what new thing got added to Frank’s Christmas list?

Kitchen syringe

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Instead of kitchen syringe Frank uses a commerical grade syringe with a turkey injector needle.

Smokers & Grills

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We needed a new grill and Frank really wanted a smoker, so I decided to buy him a smoker grill for his birthday.  (I always feel strange buying "kitchen" stuff for presents since it implies work for the giftee, but in this case it was perfect.  Frank uses his smoker grill almost everyday.)  After lots of research we decided on a Traeger Grill.  All the reviews you will find on the web are fantastic and our experience over the past few months confirm everything we’ve heard.  We’ve yet to make anything on it that’s not delicious.  Some of the reasons Frank liked the Traeger were:

  • automatic pellet feeding,
  • temperature control,
  • temperature span up to 500F,
  • option for a digital thermastat,
  • doesn’t flame up,
  • … everything has that smokey flavor!

We got the Lil ‘Tex – they pretty much told me the only difference in
the residential grills was cosmetic and size.  The Lil’ Tex has had
enough room for everything we’ve done so far and we are smoking a
turkey in it tomorrow.

I ordered our smoker grill directly from The Traeger Store. (You can buy parts and supplies from Amazon.) They included a bunch of extras like pellets and spices and free shipping.  It came on a big FedEx truck and I had them put it in the garage.  I then had to get a step ladder to open up the top of the package to make sure the grill was in good shape!