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Do Mommy Pheasants have Daddies?

Posted in hunting, kids on January 20th, 2010 by stormy – Be the first to comment

2307289940_5c5a0eb90e Our 9 year old, Jacob, went hunting today with Frank. When he got back his 3 year old brother, Caleb, asked how it went.

After hearing the very funny story about how a hen flew out from underneath their feet, Caleb asked, "Daddy shoot it?"

"No, we don't shoot hens." replied Jacob.

"Why?" Caleb's favorite question.

Jacob was prepared, having asked the question himself earlier. "Because hens are mommys. And they lay eggs. And baby pheasants come out of the eggs and we have more pheasants next year. So we can't shoot the mommys."

"Mommys not have Daddys?" I assume Caleb was asking if mommy pheasants have spouses. I don't know but I do know that our household would not work very well if Mommy didn't have a Daddy!

Photo by HVargas.

101 reasons to carry a pocket knife

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Djreigel Frank got our 9 year old a pocket knife for Christmas, a Blade Tech Ganyana Lite. I overheard Frank saying he uses his pocket knife every day.

Since I don't carry one and don't think I need one, I asked how he used it. (In all fairness, we have very different jobs. I sit within arms reach of scissors all day and he walks around building and testing things.)

A lot of men, and some women, carry a pocket knife around all day, every day. What do you carry yours around for?

Here's what Frank came up with:

  1. open boxes
  2. open cabinet doors (if the door is locked)
  3. cut scotch brite pads
  4. cut packing material
  5. cut film
  6. gut animals

Here are some things I've seen him use it for that I added to the list:

  1. cut kids straws down
  2. cut tags off clothes (the permanent tags as well as the sales tags)
  3. open my Paperbackswap books
  4. whittle wood to start a fire
  5. cutting the wax off of wine bottles 
  6. removing splinters

And we are a bit short of 101! What do you use your pocket knife for?

Photo by djreigel

Building a wine rack

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A couple of months ago Frank decided we needed a wine rack. Instead of buying one, he got out the tools. (“See,” he told me, “I do use them!”)

Our then 2 year old sat and watched with me. (It’s hard work documenting these things!) He was less than impressed with the noise that all the tools made.

Here’s the finished product, on top of the freezer full of meat, underneath all the canning jars.

Note that Frank spaced the wine bottles far enough apart that the large bottles will fit.

We have a “top shelf” that holds a bottle of Grgich wine and a bottom shelf that turns over often.