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Checking out the Shrimp Ceviche at New Year’s Eve Dinner

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Our Annual Christmas Tree Hunt

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Every year we go up into the national forest and cut a Christmas tree. This was our best year yet. Nobody cried, nobody got a bloody nose and nobody took a snowball in the face. We even showed some restraint and didn't cut down the first good tree we saw. We scouted for about an hour and found the best tree yet.

We hiked in. The littlest guy gets to ride on the way in.

There was lots of running and snowballs.

Chase was sure we were hunting. Christmas tree hunting is better than no hunting!


Here are the proud Christmas tree cutters:


We wanted to show how much work it was:

And we had to run to keep up once we lost our ride to the tree:


And while it may look like he was trying to help, he was really trying to jump on:

Our best tree yet:


When do kids understand hunting?

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Menthedogs A friend is wondering how to teach her kids about the connection between meat and animals, which made me wonder when kids really understand that meat comes from animals.

Certainly my 3 year old knows there's a connection between animals and the meat we eat. And he knows that Daddy goes hunting and fishing and we eat what he gets.

But yet he still thinks that Daddy shot the plastic geese decoys in the garage!

Photo by me'nthedogs.