Fishing in South Dakota

We just got back from a week in South Dakota. It was a very busy week of relaxing. We got to go fishing just about every day.

One of my favorite places to fish is by the dam in Flandreau, South Dakota. It’s beautiful. You can sit in the shade, enjoy the breeze, watch giant carp jump in the middle of the river – or watch them try not to fall over the dam.

One kiddo got to see lots of  fish, "FISH! NEMO!" and the other one caught a couple.

I chatted with my 91 year old grandmother – who is still upset we were throwing the fish back in the water!

And no one got too wet – although we did get a frantic wave and holler from a guy across the river when our 7 year old decided to see if he could actually catch a fish falling over the dam.

It was a good time. (Although I am looking forward to the days when I can go back to reading my book and Frank can enjoy just fishing. I am now a pro at untangling fishing line.)

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