How to get your non-cooking girlfriend to cook

Frank does all the cooking at our house. He’s good at it, he enjoys it and he thinks it’s important. (I think eating meals as a family is important but I’m usually willing to settle for mac and cheese rather than expend the effort for pasta puttanesca.)

Frank put on an excellent Mother’s Day weekend. Saturday morning he made breakfast burritos, then  Saturday night he made "whatever I wanted" for Mother’s Day. I requested Pasta Puttanesca which we had with a glass of wine. Then Sunday morning he asked what I wanted for breakfast and when I suggested left over breakfast burritos, he decided that he had to cook something fancy for lunch, because not cooking on Mother’s Day would be just wrong! So we had the very delicious Middle Eastern Chicken Pot with couscous.

Now here’s the kicker. Since I raved about the chicken pot, Frank has informed me that it’s really easy, takes less than 30 minutes, he recorded a tv show explaining how to do it and sent me the recipe. Hmm. Think there’s a message here? If I decide to try it, I’ll let you know if my rendition of the recipe compares to Frank’s or not.

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