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Hunters get a bad rap on CSI

Posted in hunting on November 3rd, 2007 by stormy – Be the first to comment

Hunters get a bad rap on TV and in the movies. Often they are portrayed as drunk red necks that like to kill things and often accidentally shoot themselves and others.  In real life hunters are usually very conscientious and to most people’s surprise, they really love and respect the wildlife they hunt. 

So hunters were pretty upset when this week’s CSI NY assumed that a murderer was a hunter because a tick was found at the crime scene.  Personally, I thought it was very poor detective work to immediately leap to the conclusion that only hunters got ticks. 

You know you are a hunter when …

Posted in hunting, kids on November 2nd, 2007 by stormy – Be the first to comment

You know you are a hunter (or you know your significant other is a hunter) when you can plan multiple hunting trips in a row, cook group meals, apply for hunting licenses, pack, prepare, etc and yet you bring the kids home from school without their shoes or coats …

… and the kids ask "what did you get?"

93 year old friends are more important than hunting

Posted in hunting on November 1st, 2007 by stormy – Be the first to comment

If you go hunting with your significant other, understand that your priorities may be very, very different and you may not know it! 

When we got to South Dakota, pheasant hunting started at noon, so I made plans to visit my grandmother’s best friend (who is 93 years old) one morning before we started hunting.  Unfortunately for me, that was the day that hunting started at 10am instead of 12!  I thought, no problem, it doesn’t matter that the season opens at 10, we can just start hunting at 12.  But my avid hunter said no way, the season starts at 10, you hunt at 10.  That was a problem since we only had one vehicle and the hunting spot and the friend were 60 miles apart.  So I lost it (it being my temper, my reasoning, my understanding of hunting, my patience, everything.)  I swore never to hunt again and I spent the day visiting non-hunting family. 

I did relent and go out hunting again the next day and I had a good time.  Then the day after that my avid hunter and I (having gotten our limit of pheasants) both spent the day with my grandmother and her 93 year old friend.  So it all worked out in the end.