Hunting in Wyoming from the non-hunter viewpoint

We took the kids hunting in Wyoming and we had a good time.  It a was a much anticipated trip with our 7 year old repeatedly saying "I have to keep my grades up so I can go hunting!"  (He’s in first grade – I’m not sure they even get grades yet!)  We got off to a late start so we ended up feeding the kids Arby’s in the truck on the way up (instead of hamburgers and hotdogs around a campfire.)  Our 14 month old insists on eating when he’s hungry which is pretty much all the time.  In retrospect, I should have stayed home Friday night with the little one, gotten him a good night’s sleep in his own crib and then joined Frank and Jacob after their morning hunt … next time.

My main job seemed to be changing diapers and making sure the kids had enough clothes and food as well as being a general pack mule for our 25 pound "little" one!  But it was worth it.  We camped right along the Platte River with a gorgeous view of the river, trees and rolling hills.  Although it was a bit chilly the sun was shining and the antelope were out in mass.  (Just not the ones that Frank was supposed to shoot!) 

The main challenge with camping with the baby has been sleeping.  This trip was no exception.  We ended up with him sleeping between the two of us – an interesting experience as he thinks mom and dad make good pillows but they should not move.  (Our seven year old actually slept in the truck and I think he had the best bed of all!)  The second night it was so cold, windy and rainy that Frank actually drove our truck and camper into the quonset hut.  That was fun!  It was kind of like camping in a big warehouse.

I got in a couple of nice hikes along the river, sat and enjoyed the view and read a few pages of my book.  Frank and Jacob did a lot of scouting around and Caleb played with rocks.  A good time by all!  Probably to be repeated next year!

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