Beef Burgandy, Even I can do it!

I’ve tried a few recipes lately (like shepard’s pie and creamed corn casserole) but they just don’t seem to turn out right the first time.  Frank tries his best to convince me they are delicious but I think he’s just trying to make sure I’m not discouraged so that I might try again … On the other hand, whatever Frank tries turns out delicious.  His new one, which I was able to replicate on my first try, is not only delicious but it’s really, really, really easy.  Honest!

Take out your crockpot and put in:

  • a can of mushroom soup
  • a half a cup of red wine
  • a pound of elk steak cut into small pieces
  • your imagination (I’m not sure what he meant by imagination so I just crossed my fingers, closed my eyes tight for a minute and hoped for the best!)

Set the crockpot on low for the day and serve over rice or egg noodles.   It’s my favorite easy and fast recipe for elk meat.

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