Dogs Can Find Deer Antlers

Roger Sigler is teaching dogs how to find shed deer antlers
when hiking in the wilderness.  Many people actively look for deer
antlers as collectible items – now you can have your dog trained to
look for them too.  Roger says retreivers learn the easiest.  Antlers
smell different than deer so dogs trained to find antlers will not end
up chasing deer all over the mountain!

Before you decide this is a great new business to be in (finding and selling deer antlers or moose or caribou), you should check what they sell for.  Since we have surplus of horns and antlers, we checked, and people are asking a lot on eBay but people aren’t buying much.

Photo by paul+photos=moody.


  1. Rex says:

    my dog gets confused,
    armadillo, antler, this is not working out.

  2. Rex says:

    linked you in a funny story today.

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