Jim Zumbo loses his job because of his blog

Jim Zumbo recently lost his job and his endorsement because of a blog post he wrote.

There’s been a number of incidents where blogging has affected
someone’s career negatively.  First there was the flight attendent who
posted pictures her company wasn’t happy with on her blog.  Then there
were a couple of university professors who were alledgedly fired.  Those were because their employers didn’t like their blogging in general.  Now  Outdoor Life columnist and hunter Jim Zumbo has lost his job and a lot of his
endorsements because of one blog post

Regardless of how you feel about guns, you have to realize that hunters stick together and they stand up for gun rights.  (If you are into hunting as a hobby, you need a gun!)  Jim Zumbo posted a long blog post ranting about how assault rifles should not be used for hunting.   (His blog has been removed but you can read the post on Michael Bane’s blog.)

  • First off, some of his sponsors made those guns, so they didn’t appreciate it. 
  • Some of his employers’ sponsors made those guns, so they didn’t appreciate it. 
  • Lastly, this was a well known outdoor and hunting enthusiast criticizing guns!  At a time when all hunters are extremely conscious of their gun rights and how they could be saved or lost due to public perception.  Hunters didn’t appreciate Jim’s blog post.

I think Jim Zumbo probably went hunting, discovered assault rifles were being used, didn’t like it, didn’t think about it or discuss it with anyone and went home and blogged about it – while still mad or emotionally worked up about it.

Normally, I think a company should leave a blog up even when the employee leaves the company.  (There was an IBM employee who left the company.  His blog was pulled down and then quickly reinstated when the blogosphere protested.)  However, in this case, I think it’s appropriate because it’s the company’s way of very clearly saying "we don’t agree with what he said."

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