Why “My Man’s Man”

Shortly after I met Frank I was describing him to a friend of mine and she said, "Oh, a man’s man."  I thought about it for a moment and said, "yeah, he’s a man’s man." The comment stuck with me, partly because it was a relevation to me and partly because my friend that said it was gay.  (For some reason it was weird that my female homosexual friend labeled somebody a "man’s man.")  Frank was a man’s man because he was big and strong, used to have a construction company, loved hunting, served in the army, etc.

Then I discovered that my man’s man not only likes hunting, but he loves cooking.  (Every night, for me. 🙂  And he likes making pickles and sausages and smoking turkeys.  (Not to mention that he can clean, iron and sew better than me too.  – Good thing I can fix the home computer network and change diapers!)

Back on topic, why "my man’s man?"  He has all these really neat hobbies like making sausage, canning pickles and cooking elaborate seafood dinners for Christmas Eve that I want to share with all of you …

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