Smoking a Turkey

We are smoking a turkey!  Since my favorite thing we’ve smoked on our Traeger grill so far is a chicken, I volunteered to smoke a turkey for Christmas.  Or rather, I volunteered Frank to smoke a turkey for Christmas!

Frank said a turkey might not turn out the same as a chicken and he didn’t want to end up without a turkey on Christmas day, so we are doing a trial run this weekend.  It just so happens we have friends that are moving this month and they had a turkey in their freezer that they wanted to get rid of.  So now they are going to be our guinea pigs for smoked turkey on Saturday night!

Frank started with the "Worth-the-Wait Turkey" recipe in Smoke & Spice.  I read the recipe and I’m still a little worried about the "mop every 30 minutes" for the last six hours of cook time part!  Hopefully we time this right – getting up at 3 am to feed the baby is enough middle of the night activity for me.

We started last night.  First we went to the store to get all of the ingredients.  The one thing we couldn’t find was garlic-flavored oil even though we went to two stores.  Frank plans to improvise, something he does well.

When we got home, Frank mixed up all the ingredients in the blender.  (And mentioned that he’d like a small food processor for Christmas. 🙂  And then he took a very big (kitchen?) syringe and injected the mixture throughout the turkey.  It is now marinating in our fridgerator.

More to come tomorrow …

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