Smoking a turkey, part 2

The turkey marinated all of Thursday night and Friday day.  When we got home on Friday Frank wrapped it in cheese cloth and then he put it on our traeger grill at about 10:30pm.  The cheese cloth, which we picked up at Ace Hardware, is to make sure the turkey doesn’t get too much smoke. 

Frank then checked on the turkey every hour all night long.  I thought that was going to really bother me. However, it became a moot point.  Sometime between the midnight check and the 1am check, somebody stole our ATV!  So we ended up being up most of the night anyway. 
Everytime Frank checked on it, he checked temperature – the goal was for the turkey to keep heating up until it hit 180.  We took a break on Saturday morning to go cut a Christmas tree and the grill went out.  The turkey’s temperature dropped fast!  It was 7 o’clock on Saturday night before the turkey hit the required 180!  (Frank called Traeger to see why the grill went out a couple of times.)

The turkey was excellent and Frank made a creole barbeque sauce to go with it.  We served it along with sweet potatoes and green beans.  (I made the sweet potatoes.  I doused them with butter, sugar and cinnamon and baked them at 350 degrees for an hour.)  We did decide that we are smoking a couple of chickens instead of a turkey for Christmas though.  The chicken took six hours instead of 21 hours to cook!

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